January’s Girl

I know it seems like I stop working every winter, and sometimes I do take a nice hibernation period, but usually that just means I am working “behind the scenes” to get ready for the new year of business. Most people don’t think about taking photos in the winter, once Christmas has passed. I don’t blame you. Christmas takes a lot out of us and we need a recovery period. But I still think about taking photos, and I miss it. I miss seeing all my clients, young and old alike. I don’t like being cooped up in the house, pestering my kids to be my subjects. They want Mom to take pictures of other people. Like this little one.

She is turning the big O-dash-One this week on a frosty January day. When I last saw her over the summer, she wasn’t even sitting up by herself, and now…now she’s trying to figure out how to get moving. She has a big sister to keep up with, you know. Lots to do!  I loved taking every picture from this session and I loved getting my baby fix with this family. I could do a shoot like this every single day.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


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