Today’s the Day

I am falling behind on blogging. It’s right there in the back of my mind as something I need to do, but in front of my face are pretty pictures that need to be edited and photos that need to be ordered and emails that need to be sent and by the time I get back to remembering that I need to blog, I think, “Tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow.”

Well, tomorrow was several days ago now so let me crank out another belated blog post so my lovely clients can see themselves on the big screen. ­čśë

I saw this sweet family last year on another brisk November day but at a different location. Just comparing these to ┬álast year’s photos, I can really see the changes in the kids. Taller, no braces, no glasses, different hair, less baby faced…it’s amazing how much one year makes a difference, even when the kids are teens. I had a lot of fun running around Gratz Park with them while trying to keep warm, slipping on jackets between shots. It’s tough being beautiful models. ┬áNext year we may throw in some fur hats with ear flaps and snow boots and rent a snow machine. If you’re going to be cold, you might as well make the most of it, right?


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