On the Farm

I think a lot of people stop – or at least dramatically decrease – the family photo sessions as their children get older. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the older our kids get, the busier they get and the less time we have to schedule those photo sessions. Another reason is that our kids become less willing subjects. They become more self-conscious and self-aware and suddenly their hair and clothes and skin and teeth are big factors in determining whether or not they want a camera on them. And a lot of people don’t really outgrow it.

So it’s a rare but pleasant joy to get to work with a family of “older” kids. These three range from 6th grade to a junior in high school and they were sweet as can be, even though I bet they could have come up with about a hundred other things they’d rather do. 😉 We shot our session on their grandparent’s farm, which is stunningly beautiful and a special place filled with memories of Sunday brunches and family parties and get-togethers. A wonderful place to call home.


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