Chicagoland 2012 – Session 10

I’m a little sad I’ve come to the end of my sessions from this summer in the Chicago area. Mostly because it means I won’t see these faces again for another year. I love seeing my former clients. They were the people who started me off and built my business and my confidence and my love of photographing families. It’s what drives me back every summer. It’s fun to see them on Facebook and watch them grow from afar, but it’s much more fun to see them in person.

I saw this family early in my business days, photographed the oldest for his senior pictures, and now the darling in the middle is heading off to college next year as well. They are so funny, these three, and I laughed myself silly watching them goof off with each other. I can only imagine how much fun Mom and Dad have at home. 😉  They were a joy to be around and a wonderful way to finish my last day in our former hometown. And thanks to you for being so patient, watching all the other Chicagoland sessions pop up on the blog, knowing yours would be last. I know how hard that must have been!

A special thank you to all my Chicagoland clients for your continued support, gracious patience and wonderful personalities with whom I truly love working. And also I want to thank the Prairie Crossing community for letting me frolic through your beautiful prairie grass-covered neighborhood again. Until next year!


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