There are a few things as a photographer that I have learned in the last five years about photographing little boys, particularly multiple little boys who are brothers:

1.  Don’t have any preconceived notions or expectations as to how the shoot will go, because it will go exactly the opposite of how you think it will.

2. Drink lots of caffeine before your shoot. You’re gonna need it.

3. Don’t let them see the fear in your eyes.


Now, that said, I love my little boy sessions. Being a mother of two girls, this is how I get my boy fix. I suspect this is how it will be if I have grandsons someday. I’ll get to play with them for awhile and then send them home to their mothers. It could be a beautiful thing.

These little guys are in route to a new home. They are the cousins of this session I did last spring that you can see here who share in the experience of living on another continent.  A month ago they arrived here from Chile to stay with grandparents while their parents were preparing for their new home in Minnesota. From Chile to chilly, I guess.  This week they will make their trek to their new home town. I know their grandparents would love to have all of them closer, but have enjoyed spending every minute with them while they can. So glad I got to share in that experience, too.


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