Saturday Morning Fever

This was quite a Saturday morning.

So I got up that morning, still feeling a bit rocky from my Bronchitis. My shoot was at 8 a.m., Molly had to be at a birthday party at 9:30 a.m., my husband was out of town, and the “check engine” light on my van came on when I left for my shoot. This was a little more than the usual chaos I deal with every day.

BUT…I made it through the shoot without hacking up a lung on the sidewalk (success!), Molly made it to her party with the help of friends and her older sister who made sure she brushed her teeth and her hair and didn’t go out the door still in her pajamas, and the engine light ended up being due to a loose gas cap that was easily fixed. In other words, it all worked out.

And it was all worth it because I got to spend the morning with this wonderful family at Gratz Park. I saw them last year before their sweet baby girl arrived and now she is nearly 7-months-old and has made their little family all the more lovely. We took some pics across the street from the park at Transy (that would be Transylvania U. for you non-natives) because that is where mom and dad met. Actually, that is where a lot of my married clients met. I’m beginning to think Transy is THE place to meet a hot date who has marriage potential. Singles, take note. 😉


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