Chicagoland 2012 – Session 6

I first met this wonderful family when Big Sis was just a 1-year-old.  I still remember how serious she was the whole session…I don’t think she cracked a single smile or made a peep the entire time. And I remember Mom and Dad saying, “She always smiles!  I don’t know why she’s not smiling!”  (This, by the way, is pretty common with 1-year-olds, who have no idea what to make of the situation and what that lady with the camera is doing!).  THIS time, however, as soon as they hopped out of the car, Big Sis started talking. And talking. And talking. And she was all smiles!  At least until it was time to actually take the photos, and then she decided she had a lot better things to do. 😉  In the time since I last saw them, they added another precious little girl to their family, and my goodness, she’s adorable!  I just love their little family to pieces.


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