Chicagoland 2012 – Session 5

About 3 -4 years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing this awesome young man’s older sister for her senior photos, and so I was happy to get to work with this family again for his senior photos. Like his older sister, he is an intelligent, athletic, well spoken young adult. Not to mention they both have some awesomely handsome/beautiful genes to work with (ridiculously good hair!). Unlike his sister, he’s really tall. 😉   The fact that I didn’t fall and break my neck trying to stand on a crate so I could at least reach his eye level was pretty amazing. This senior has a bright future ahead of him and I am so excited for his life’s journey. I’m sad to say that he is the youngest sibling, so I won’t get to see anymore seniors from this family. But I’m counting on grandchildren someday.  I mean…waaaaaay in the future, of course. I’ll hang tough and wait though. 😉


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