Chicagoland 2012 – Session 4

I have known this wonderful family since my Sydney was just a baby and their teenage guy was just a baby.  They played together in the toddler room at church when my husband was in seminary and was working as a student minister at our then church. The years have flown by, as years do, and they moved north and we moved north – but not to the same part of the north – and our little kids got bigger. A lot bigger. Their sweet “little” girl, who I will always picture with a cute pixie cut and a big smile on her face, is now a senior in high school and their “little” guy is a freshman this year. It’s just hard to believe.  And even though they are still up north and we are now in the south, it’s a joy to still be able to get together and spend time with them, even if it’s just in a 45 minute block of time. Now we just need to convince them to move south. Putting that on my to-do list. 😉


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