Chicagoland 2012 – Session 2

I had a blast with this session because the client du jour was my good friend and fellow photographer, Kate Bogot of Kate Bogot Photography, and her lovely and silly brood (all of whom are seasoned professional models, like my own children 😉 ). They knew exactly what to do, so I basically just stood there and pushed the buttons on my camera while they frolicked and posed and strutted their stuff. (Yes, Kate, I can hear you laughing).  Unlike their mother though, I did not have to pay them cold hard cash or buy them anything from the toy department at Target after the session.

I adore you and your family, Kate, and it was an honor to photograph your family. xoxo

(Oh, and yes, she and her husband are really that cute. It’s kind of nauseating, to be honest…)  😉


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