Disaster Relief

As many of you know, our region was recently hit hard by tornadoes. My hometown of Marysville, IN, was eliminated. Completely.  My heart aches through and through. My family was all safe, thankfully, but many of my friends lost everything. I visited the area yesterday to drop off supplies and I was able to tour a little bit of what was left of Chelsea, IN. Many of the hard hit areas are only letting residents through and are being protected by the National Guard. I cannot tell you how surreal it is to see the devastation of what once was. You do not realize how fragile life is until it is taken away.

Relief efforts are underway, and I want to just take a minute to inform you how you of how you can help.

Today, Sunday, March 4th, Crestwood Christian Church (my church) will be taking item donations after church (after noon) and from 4-7 p.m. in the church’s mission center building. These donations will be delivered to the New Washington, IN, fire department on Tuesday, March 6th, and to West Liberty, KY, on Thursday, March 8th. The donations that are being requested are:

Non-perishable food, clothing and shoes for all ages, trash bags, toys, toiletries, dog and cat food, pillows and blankets, cold weather attire, diapers and formula, first aid supplies and plastic tubs for storage. I cannot stress how much is needed. Thirty-eight people lost their lives in these storms and thousands are without homes.

If you would prefer to make a financial contribution, you can do so through the Clark County Red Cross:  http://www.clarkredcross.org/  and through Week of Compassion:  www.weekofcompassion.com

Most importantly, prayers are in urgent need.

Thank you so much for any and all of your support.

Once I figure out how to get this video embedded, I will, but until then, here is a link to some of the local coverage.


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