One Year

Wow. How did a year go by so fast?  I know it’s not just me…pretty much everyone who knows this little guy is shaking their head at how fast this past year has gone, and how quickly he has gone from a tiny, helpless, sleepy little newborn to a curious, happy, mobile little machine of destruction. 😉  Plug up those outlets, lock up the toilet and hide your fine china…the little man is on the move!  I wish I could say that phase will end soon, my friends, but I am still grounding my teenager for creating unruly messes (and not cleaning them up) and breaking my valuables, so…think happy thoughts. I am so thankful to have spent a year photographing this cute, sweet, precious baby boy. It is such a joy to watch my little clients grow and become the people they are meant to be. Truly the very best part of my job.

A year in review. Pretty amazing, huh?:

bdayblog21And now…

bdayblog3His first taste of cake. He felt it was overrated and way too messy for his liking.


Happy birthday, little guy. And thank you to mom and dad for letting me capture his very first year. I am honored.

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