Mars or Venus?

You know, having two girls, I see a fair share of drama on a daily basis at my house. For my oldest, it’s usually about hair, clothes and make-up, annoying little sisters and doing anything in a timely manner. For my youngest, it has to do with sitting still, mean big sisters and having to stop doing whatever it is she is doing to eat, leave or go to bed. There are a lot of squabbles and tattling. And someone always ends up in tears. This is my life with girls.

When I see this family, I get a pretty good insider’s view of what having boys is like. And then I go home and take a long nap. Because little boys are a lot like puppies…they play hard, they run fast and they are pretty much in a constant state of motion at any given point throughout the day. These two are no exception. Cute as can be. ┬áLike puppies after a shot of expresso. Hats off to you, Mom. ┬áMy feet don’t move that quickly. I think I will stick to bad hair days and sneaking peeks at your sister’s diary. As long as I have kleenexes on hand, I’m usually all set.



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