Thirty-three years I’ve known Red, since kindergarten (I’ll let you do the math on my age). That feels like a long time. Probably because it is a long time.  We were raised in a little tiny farm town in Southern Indiana where everyone knows everyone, there are no traffic lights (save the flashing orange light in the middle of “town,”) and there is a church on every corner. It’s like Mayberry, only smaller. There was no Andy or Barney.

Red and I have stayed friends well beyond high school – going on 20 years, actually – and have seen each other through a lot of life’s milestones…college, boyfriends, weddings, children, etc.  So you know it is special to me to get to spend time with her every year for their family photo session. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many years go by, it ends up being just like the old days, filled with lots of laughter, reminiscing and stories. It’s pretty darn cool, even for 29-year-olds like us. 😉


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