Chicago 2011 Session 13 – “Happy Ending”

You were beginning to wonder if I would finish, weren’t you?

This is the last of the sessions I did in Chicago this summer. Lucky number 13.  Originally I had 16 scheduled but I had a few last minute cancellations for one reason or another, and I ended up with 13. And thirteen ended up being PLENTY. I was worn out after thirteen sessions in four days, but happy.

I saw this family a few years ago when their oldest was only two, I believe, and now she has doubled that age and has a little sister to boot. This happened on a number of my shoots in Chicago – previous toddler clients that now were older but had a new toddler sibling. I turn around for one minute and look what happens. 😉

What a sweet family, and you know that I think having two girls is just plain awesome. Sister power. There’s nothing like it.

This was quite possibly my favorite sibling picture from Chicago. Totally cracked me up. She didn’t need that other eye anyway, did she? 😉


Thanks so much to all my lovely Chicago clients!  It was so wonderful getting to see so many of you again, and I hope that this is something we can do again, and again, and again. Until next time!

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