Originally this session was scheduled last spring. Three different times. And all three times, it rained. So we decided to hold off until the rainy season was over and shoot for a later date.

All week long, rain was in the forecast. In fact, on the day of the shoot, we were forecasted for something like 50-60% chance of rain. I couldn’t believe it. Here we had a long streak of dryer weather and now, on the day we needed it to be dry, it was supposed to rain. I think scheduling with this family is like washing your car or throwing a BBQ. We should probably send them to Texas to bring relief to the wildfires.

BUT…magically, the rain went around us and it was beautiful instead. And by beautiful, I mean a crisp blue sky, puffy white clouds and sunshine galore. The gods were smiling down on us.

What a sweet and lovely family, so deserving of a beautiful day just for them. Finally.

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