Chicago 2011 Session 8 – “Sweetness”

What a sweet, sweet family. Would you look at these little blue-eyed blondies? ¬†Aren’t they precious? ¬†They were my first up Saturday evening and the heat had done nothing but rise from my morning sessions. We were all drippy sweaty. But they looked a lot better drippy sweaty than I did. Poor little missy wasn’t feeling it that evening, but she tried to put on a smile from time to time. Can’t say that I blame her. She was wearing a pretty dress in a 95 degree field of mosquitoes. But we ended up getting some great pictures despite it. Kind of hard not to when you look this good!

bblog1bblog2And bless her little heart…she tried so hard to be happy, but sometimes the pouting won. And she is the prettiest pouter I’ve ever seen.


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