At Home

Not a lot of people choose to do their family sessions at home. Mostly because I think people think their house and yard needs to look picture perfect to have professional photos taken there. Which, unless you are an interior designer and professional landscaper, that idea seems daunting.

But this family said, “We want our photos taken where we make our memories.”  Which I think is awesome because being at home is not only a comfortable environment, it’s truly the stuff of memories. So many dreams I have at night are of my childhood home…all the nooks and crannies and the expansive outdoor space where I spent all my time growing and learning and becoming the person I am now. I will never forget my first home.

This family is so, so fun and they have such a great sense of humor. Lots of laughter they will always remember at home.

scblog1scblog2scblog3scblog4My favorite photo from the session. I said, “Show me how you want your children to remember you.”  Hi.larious.


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