To Be Two

When I hear that I am scheduled to photograph a 2-year-old, I prepare myself for just about anything. Two is one of those ages that you really never know what you are going to get…happy, clingy, scared, energetic, defiant, distractible, determined, etc. And often all of the above. Every 2-year-old is different, but one thing stays the same – they are unpredictable. I have yet to have a boring session with a 2-year-old.

This one was a gem though, and she wasn’t even quite two yet (but pretty darn close). Outside of the fact that she wasn’t really thrilled with walking in the wet grass or the sandy gravel, she was a pretty happy camper. She had no shortage of things to talk about either. And pretty soon, she will be chattering up a storm to her baby sister, who is busy growing inside her mommy’s belly. I foresee some late night giggles under the covers with these two girls. Lots to look forward to. 😉


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