Haylie McGee

Go ahead Nancy, get out your hankies.

Meet Haylie McGee. Her last name isn’t actually McGee. That’s just what we have always called her. She loves it. I’m pretty sure of it.

A few years ago, Nancy (Haylie’s mom) told me to reserve a future spot for Haylie’s senior pics. We chuckled. A senior…ahahaha…that was so far away. But this past weekend I found myself shooting Haylie’s senior pictures, and it served as a reminder how quickly our children grow up, how fleeting those moments are, and before you know it you are filling out college applications and trying to talk your child into attending a local college so they don’t move so far away. Because it’s really hard to squeeze yourself into a suitcase unnoticed.

I bet you will never guess what Haylie’s first love is.

That’s right. Field hockey.

No, just kidding. It’s singing. And performing and music and…WOW, is she good at it!  I’d love to say she gets that from me but that would be a gigantic lie of epic proportions, so I am just going to lay claim to her good looks and witty charm and leave it at that. (Okay, so we might not even be blood related but I’m pretty sure she gets SOMETHING from me. Give me time. I’ll think of something.)  I have watched Haylie grow from a sweet little baby into a beautiful young woman and it has been been an honor to be a part of her life, even if we did not always live close enough to experience all the days of the year together. She has turned into a wonderfully sweet and loving person…a person that her parents and the rest of our family is very proud of, and together we celebrate all the achievements and joys that lie ahead of her. She couldn’t be more awesome.

Here’s to a great senior year, Haylie McGee.

hblog22hblog43hblog32hblog61hblog81hblog71We also took a few photos of Haylie and her younger sister, Mallory, who will be a sophomore this year. These girls are as close as close can be. Mallory doesn’t know it, but she is not allowed to get any older. One senior is plenty. She’ll get over it.


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