Chicago 2011 Sneak Peeks

I had the best time the past several days, seeing lots of my former clients and friends, melting in the summer heat with some of the sweetest people I know. (And we sweet people melt very easily, I might add). It was so much fun seeing all these wonderful families, marveling at how big the kiddos have grown since I last saw them, and meeting all the new little siblings that were just twinkles in the sky before I moved. I will treasure all the little hugs from my younger clients. It definitely made it worth my while.

You will be seeing a LOT more of these thirteen families over the next couple months as I wade through editing, combined with my wonderful Lexington clients I will be seeing as well. I picked just a sampling of the sessions for sneak peeks. It was really hard to just choose one, but I will never make it through editing if I picked all my favorites to display for sneak peeks!

Thank you Chicagoland families!  You guys rock!


And yeah, I know you guys were trying to avoid the pouty pictures, but I am so in love with her pout.  😉


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