Chicago 2011 Session 4 – “Comfort”

I had the pleasure to see a “new client” family while I was in Chicagoland who are not new friends, but were technically new clients. This family was a very special family from our previous church where my husband had served during our 8.5 years in Chicagoland. Since I ended up shooting every morning and every evening of the weekend I was in town, I was not able to attend worship on Sunday morning at our previous church. This was a bummer because I didn’t get to see a lot of people I would have liked to have seen, but I did get to see this family anyway, and it was definitely a joy to see them again. The littlest guy was just a baby when we moved, so it was really cool to see him as a full blown 2-year-old, talking and running at full speed. I think he might even run circles around the other two. And maybe Mom and Dad. And most certainly me!

It was so good to see you guys again, and please keep giving those hugs from us to everyone you see at CCC.  😉


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