Chicago 2011 Session 3 – “Brilliant”

I’m pretty sure the earth and the sun aligned the morning of this shoot and were approximately 100 miles apart from each other. Not only was it blazing hot, it was blindingly bright. My retinas still hurt.

I got the chance to see another one of my sweet families with their “new” addition since I moved. She’s not quite so new anymore, but she’s new to me, and I spent the whole session wanting to squeeze her little Michelin Man curves. LOVE.THOSE ROLLS. ┬áHer big brother is just as awesome as he was a couple years ago, only he had a lot more to say. After we finished up the session, he decided he wanted to take a few pictures with my camera. He was quite brilliant, as you can see from the final shots I am posting here. I’m thinking about hiring him as my assistant. I can pay him in lollipops and toys. My kind of assistant.


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