Taking it in

I am so lucky. I get to work with some of the cutest, sweetest people around.  This family was beyond adorable. Cute babies, cute parents. Two baby girls who you could spend entire days snuggling and smooching. That’s the best part of having little ones. They don’t roll their eyes at you and stick their heads behind their cell phones and laptops when you want a hug. My baby girls are older now so I have to take it in where I can. 😉

dblog3dblog4dblog5dblog6I think it’s great that these two did not forget about the importance of capturing their relationship during the shoot – something that often goes to the wayside when the kiddos are little and all our energy is absorbed (and let’s face it, sucked dry) by our offspring. They asked if they could have some shots of just the two of them, and it’s clear just from looking at them how much love there is between them.


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