Sugary Goodness

My girls are both convinced that when they grow up and get married, they want to have twins. I think that is a dream for many little girls.  Visions of  tiny, identical, curly-haired, sweet-cheeked baby girls in pink ruffly dresses dance before their eyes. I’m pretty sure I wanted the same thing at their age. And then I grew up and had my first child and I developed an overwhelming appreciation for parents of multiples.  One baby made me feel like toast on a daily basis.

This sweet family had one child…and then twins. And none of these little monkeys wear pink ruffly dresses. They are “all boy,” as they say. And they are as cute as can be.  If it weren’t for sour gummies, I’m pretty sure they would have left me in the dust 3 minutes into the session. Sugar is awesome.


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