Take Two

Last fall I got to meet this very sweet couple who have two ridiculously cute little girls. In the midst of our conversation during the shoot, they mentioned that hiring a photographer took a lot of courage for them because their wedding photographer lost all their wedding photos. ALL THEIR WEDDING PHOTOS.  (And this, my friends, is one reason why I don’t do wedding photography – no do-overs!). I spent the winter thinking about this…about what it would be like to not have any visibly tangible memories of such a monumental day in one’s life.  How they couldn’t sit their girls down and pull out the album and show them how pretty Mommy looked in her dress, or how handsome Daddy looked when they said their vows. How years from now they wouldn’t be able to look back at their wedding album and say things like, “Look how young we were!” or “I remember when I could wear that size!”  😉  Because, let’s face it, that’s what we do. And then we chuckle and try to remember what life was like when we could eat a piece of wedding cake without trying to figure out how many workouts it would take to burn that sucker off.

So, I decided they needed a couple’s session. I wanted to give them a couple’s session. No, it won’t make up for the loss of the wedding day pictures, but it will serve as a reminder to them someday of the love they shared at this stage in their life, when the kids were little and caffeine was a daily necessity, when diapers were still a major part of the budget and just getting out of the house before noon was a feat to cheer about. This is a time in their lives that coupledom often takes a backseat to 2-year-old tantrums and babysitters who don’t show up and schedules that revolve around naptime (and not just naptime for the kiddos!). Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are grown-ups. Sometimes we need to focus on the whole picture and not just the various parts of it. Sometimes we just need a “Take two.”


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