Sunshine and Blue Eyes

No, it’s not consistently warm and green outside yet. Yes, I’m still blogging last year’s session. And I may still be doing that next year at the rate this Spring is going. 🙂

I’ve known this sweet family for awhile now, though they did move away for a few years before moving back to Lexington.  The call of the Bluegrass was just too strong to stay away too long.  😉  And we are glad they came back!  The girls have grown up so much and are such sweethearts. And look at those pretty blue eyes!  The genes did well by them.


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Rose & Tate Home Interior Design

I was so excited to be asked to shoot some headshots for a very sweet, long-time client of mine, Laura Jarboe, who is starting an interior design business. Her house has always been beautiful and I was so happy to hear she is now ready and willing to pass along her talent to others! I get excited when my client moms start businesses and I love to see them succeed. As a mom/business owner, myself, I know the challenges of running a business and being a mom well, so it’s important to me to see them do well. My girls were ages 2 and 8 when I first started out, and they are turning 14 and 20 this summer! If I made it all these years, anyone can! ha!

Make sure you visit Laura’s website, Rose and Tate, and find her on Instagram (roseandtatehome) as well!  I promise you will love what she can offer your home!

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Seniors 2018 – March Madness

I’ve had the privilege of watching this sweet, intelligent, athletic, beautiful young woman grow up over the past 8 years and I am so proud of her!  She will be heading off to MUCH warmer weather in the fall so she doesn’t have to put up with March days like the one we had for her senior session (mid 40s, windy, patchy snow on the ground).  What a day!  But she persevered and now she can move on to the 452nd thing she needs to do before she graduates.  😉

If you are a graduating senior this Spring and you haven’t booked your senior photos with me yet…NOW is the time to do it. I’ve had a number of requests come in the past week or so. Graduation will be here in a blink – trust me – my daughter graduated last year these last couple months FLY. So reach out to me ASAP if you want to book your senior session!


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