My name is Leigh Wilcoxson, and I am a mom to two wonderful girls, Sydney (20) and Molly (14).  I began playing around with photography close to two decades ago when I discovered black and white film on our old 35 mm film camera.  Until then I took pictures out of necessity, but after that, I took pictures because I loved it.

When my oldest daughter was small, she became my tireless subject (well, I was tireless, her…not so much).  I sent my pictures out to family and friends at holidays or birthdays, and after time, people took notice. I would get emails or phone calls telling me how much they loved the photos, and through their encouragement, I began to put a lot more thought into what I was shooting and how I was shooting it, rather than hoping for a lucky shot. I bought books and read articles and found websites and taught myself everything I could find on the topic. Knowledge is power.

And then I bought a digital camera.  Pure bliss.

About eleven years ago I started thinking about taking photos for a living, so I pestered all of our friends to let me snap photos of their kids for practice.  It took a couple years to get up my nerve and feel confident enough to actually do something about it.  I knew I had found my niche, but I just didn’t know if I had the skills to make my hobby a career. I thought I would start out slow, maybe set two sessions a month as my goal, and this worked for a little while, sometimes give or take a session. And then I met someone who taught me the value of word of mouth advertising, and the next thing I knew, my 2-3 sessions turned into 15-20. And Leigh Wilcoxson Photography took off.

It’s been an interesting journey. One filled with passion and perseverance and joy and confusion and frustration and sometimes exhaustion. I’ve learned my strengths and my weaknesses and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way and made friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are interested in scheduling an on-location, natural light photography session in Lexington, KY, please shoot me an email at anytime, at LeighWPhotos@aol.com and I’ll be happy to share my love of photography with you.



(Photo courtesy of Billy Grubbs Photography).