New Year’s Baby

The beginning of 2016 brought a special little gift to a special family. This sweet little guy’s grandparents live about a block from us and I met them a few years ago not long after we got our first puppy, our big Goldendoodle, Jack.  Over the last few years, Jack and this little guy’s grandpa have formed a special bond. We often walk past their house on our daily strolls and Jack has figured out how to be rewarded with treats and ear scratches by shaking paws and spinning circles and speaking when asked. In fact, I think he has this new grandfather wrapped around his big fuzzy paw. That said, there is a new handsome and fuzzy-headed guy in his life now and Jack is prepared to move backseat, and understandably so!  There is nothing quite the joy of a first grandchild. And what a sweet one he is!


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February Special – Milestone Minis!

One more month until March when Spring springs, right?  RIGHT?

Let’s fill this month with babies, babies, BABIES!!!

Typically only available for my clients for whom I shot newborn sessions, this month ONLY I will be offering my special discounted pricing to EVERYONE for Milestone Minis.

That first year is so full of changes. From first smiles to rolling over to sitting up to crawling and more…it’s hard to keep up with a baby that is doing something new every day!  And let me tell you…that first year goes by so fast. I know it doesn’t feel that way when there are days of sleep deprivation, but it’s over and done and long gone before you know it.

With my oldest daughter, who is turning EIGHTEEN this summer, I had her photos taken every six weeks that first year. Sounds crazy, I know, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did that now. Watching through photos her tiny, new self grow all those little chubby rolls and her hair curl up and those toothies pop out over the course of a year is really amazing to see. And I won’t lie…it gets me a little choked up  to look back sometimes!

Maybe this month your baby is starting to clap. Or belly laugh. Or they have found their hands and toes and are cramming them desperately in their mouth. Whatever the milestone, let’s take some special, memorable photos of it and give you something to treasure for a lifetime.


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Valentine Mini Sessions

I had SO MUCH FUN at our Valentine Mini Sessions last weekend!  After our initial date was postponed due to the snowmageddon, we ended up having an absolutely gorgeous, sunny and almost 60 degree day for the postponement date!  Of course, we were inside, but a beautiful day always puts everyone in a good mood!

Many thanks to the nine families who came out and worked with me!  You all have gorgeous kiddos and I so enjoyed hanging out with them!  And also a big thank you to Kristin Tatem for the use of her beautiful studio!

I wish I could post every photo – there was so many good ones – but here is a sample of our fun day!

Stay tuned for an announcement on Easter/Spring minis soon!

Vdayminis1 Vdayminis2 Vdayminis3 Vdayminis4



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