The BIG Two

I can say with honesty that this second birthday party was a real zoo!  ;)

I don’t know how they will top this one, but what a fantastic party!  Lots of sweet farm animals, sweet little faces and, most of all, sweet moments and memories. I love the look on his little face when he woke up from his nap and walked outside to find a huge petting zoo of farm animals in his grandparent’s backyard. What a joy-filled surprise!  Thankfully the weather cooperated and there was sunshine abound.

So grateful to get to be a part of the moments that bring my clients happiness.

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Five Years and Counting

I’ve been watching this family grow for the past five years and I have to say, it has been so much fun. I’m always in awe of their ability to manage all the activities and busyness that having four kids can bring, but this family does it beautifully. They always make me laugh and bring me such happiness. It’s just a joy to be with them.

Spablog1 Spablog2 Spablog3Sometimes a pair of bunny ears can push a bro over the edge.



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Afternoons at Home

I always like doing sessions at home because I think that is where families are most comfortable. When you can flop on the bed, crawl together to snuggle in a big chair, or goof off in the backyard, you capture all the things that you want to remember – the special closeness and love in your relationships and the joy that you create when being with each other.

I’ve seen this family many times, both with my camera and without, and their closeness is always something special to watch. Their home is a visual statement of their personalities and they have so much fun when they are together that they are always a joy for me to photograph.

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